By k | November 15, 2014 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

In the writing world,
we have two types of writers

- the hobbyist,
the writer who writes
whenever she feels like it,
not caring about deadlines
or building her readership


- the professional,
the writer who treats writing
like a job or a profession.
She is on a constant deadline,
either editor or self inflicted.
She’s concerned about
having too long between releases,
worries about readership build.

Many entrepreneurs fall into
one of these two categories also.
If you’re reading client k,
you’re likely a professional.

Because we are the masters
of our own schedules,
it is tempting to fall into
hobbyist habits.

The question I ask myself
“If I were on the corporate fast track,
would I take this action?”
Would I take three vacations
in three months?
Would I spend an entire day
baking cookies?
Would I volunteer my time
to petsit the neighbor’s new puppy?

Decide which type of entrepreneur
you are.

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