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Many newer writers
believe that hitting the
New York Times Best Seller list
is the ultimate goal,
selling a sh*tload of books
in one week.

Professional writers know
that a best seller today
doesn’t mean a best seller tomorrow,
that one hit rarely makes a career
(unless it is a 50 Shades size of hit).

The TRUE benefit of
having a best seller
is having access to those readers,
converting them
into newsletter subscribers,
ensuring future access to them.

As Seth Godin

“Today, the smart money
is investing in digital assets,
and legions of entrepreneurs
are trying to build long-term value online,
where it just seems so easy.
100,000 downloads of your new app,
or a quick rise to #1 for your new ebook
or a million ‘hits’ to a new website.

Easy come, easy go.

The digital asset that matters
is trust.
Awareness first, then interaction,
and maybe a habit,
but all three mean nothing
if they don’t lead to permission and trust.
The privilege of connection.”

Ensure you have a means
of converting your one-time hit
into a lifetime of sales
BEFORE you achieve this hit.

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