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Marketers often talk about being authentic.
What does that mean?

In August’s edition
of Men’s Health,
country singer
Tim McGraw

“There are people
who will never have a shot
at a career
but can sing circles around me.
I know that.

But the people I gravitate to
as an artist,
and the people I like to listen to,
are people I believe.

You don’t have to have lived
every song you sing.
It’s not about that.
It’s about conveying
a sense of honesty.
Or finding a place within you
that can relate to that
and empathize with
the character in the song.”

You don’t have to be your target customer
but you should be able to
relate to him or her.
Find a link
(preferably more than one)
that allows you to empathize with your customers.

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