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When I write a story,
I usually have a target reader
in mind.

For example:
the average woman in the US
has dark hair.
My heroines usually have dark hair.

This may seem to be a small detail
but small details make a difference.
My readers feel like I’m writing about them,
that I know who they are.

Alexa von Tobel,
founder & CEO of


“At the end of the day,
your customer is all that matters.
How does your product
make that person’s life easier?
More efficient?
Figure out what’s important
to your user
by understanding
whom you’re targeting—
be it kids, young women
or middle-aged men.
And keep that muse—
the individual who defines
your customer—
in mind at all times
when making critical decisions.”

Know your target customer
and keep her/him in mind
when designing products.

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