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A writer was ranting to me
about another writer behaving badly.
This writer basically stalked
a book blogger,
making the book blogger’s life hellish.

“Why would anyone do this?”
my buddy asked.


Because we now know this writer’s name.
Sure, many people hate this writer
but she has also garnered some supporters
and some people who
won’t remember a year from now
why they know her name.
They’ll only know that her name is familiar
and be more likely to buy her book.

Compare her situation
to a writer playing by the rules,
playing nicely with others.
There’s no reason to talk about
the nice writer.
No one knows her name.
No one buys her books.

A writer/business/entrepreneur
is more likely to become successful
if she/he/it behaves badly.
Yes, it sucks.
No, I don’t propose this as a marketing strategy
but it IS a successful marketing strategy.

Expect more people
to behave badly.

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