By k | September 30, 2014 - 6:00 am - Posted in Marketing

Many experts advise
using a contact email address
to make your company appear larger.

Yes, that works
but there are also benefits
to using a less generic contact email

Having a contact name
reassures prospects and customers.
It makes them feel
as though they’re personally taken care of,
as though someone is accountable
for their happiness.

When I worked in a charity,
we’d tell donors
that if they ever had any issues,
they could call back and talk to Margo.

There wasn’t a Margo working in the charity.
When someone called for Margo,
they’d be transferred to
the supervisor.
The supervisor would then
convey his/her real name
and take care of the call.

Donors loved this approach.
It reassured them and
made them feel special.

Does your contact email
reflect the company you wish to build?

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