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I watched interviews with the casts
of Reign
and Scandal.
The actors on these popular TV shows
have very similar issues.

Both shows are known for
killing off characters.
All of the actors
know their experiences
with their shows
might be short-lived.

The cast of Scandal
was noticeably nervous.

They talked about
how they read the last pages
of each week’s script
to see if their characters lived.

In contrast,
Torrance Coombs,
one of the actors
in Reign,

appeared relaxed
and he should be.
Fans LOVE him,
guaranteeing him a role on another show.

He has built
his short-lived secondary character role
on the show
into a huge Twitter following.

He responds to EVERY SINGLE tweet.
(he has over 97,000 followers)
During his interview,
he talked about superfan followers,
reciting their Twitter handles.

Right now,
one of your opportunities is short-lived
(whether you know this
or not).
What are you doing
to take advantage of this opportunity?

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