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There’s so much competition
for eyeballs.
Every company is marketing,
trying to get prospects’ attention.

Once we get one person’s attention,
we want that person
to forward, share, talk about
our marketing campaign.

Average won’t do that.
A ho-hum blog post won’t be talked about.
A me-too Facebook button won’t be shared.
A boring video won’t be forwarded.

But it is almost impossible
to knock it out of the park
with every blog post.

Every week,
on my romance blog,
I have four great blog posts.
These are informational,
maybe sharing reviews
or fun facts about my books.
They’re written
for blogging/book review buddies
or existing readers.

I also have one
absolutely awesome blog post
every week.
This post is long.
It has humorous one-of-a-kind photos.
It covers a sought after topic.
The goal of this post is
to be talked about
and to interest new-to-me readers.

THIS is the blog post I promote.
It is often shared
because it is unique
well… awesome.

Not every post has to be a cornerstone post
but at least one post a week
should be.

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