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I was chatting with a reader
and she told me
that she’s a big supporter of mine.
Has she ever bought
one of my books?
But she shares all of my posts
on Facebook.

Seth Godin calls these prospects

They believe they’re doing something
and they are… kind of.
They’re spreading the news.
But that’s not an action
that makes a difference by itself.

If my so-called supporter shares my posts
and no one she shared the post with
buys my books,
her ‘action’ made no difference.

That’s one of the dangers
with this slacktivism.

As Seth Godin shares
“It could easily turn out
that we start to emotionally associate
a click or a like or a mention
as an actual form of causing change,
not merely a way of
amplifying a message
that might lead to that action happening.”

Influentials are different
because they’ve actively built a following
and when they promote a product,
their following buys the product.

Building support on social media
is a waste of time
if there’s no action taken.

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