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One of my publishers posted an email
to the authors only loop.
It was stamped confidential and private.

Less than a half hour later,
it was posted on half a dozen blogs
by anonymous sources.
The author responses on this confidential loop
were also posted.

Nothing we say or do
is private or confidential.
As soon as we tell another person,
as soon as we step out of our house,
the information and our actions
becomes public.

Is this right?
Is this fair?
It doesn’t matter
because it is reality.

What does this mean?
Some people will tell you
to be ‘authentic’,
be ‘the true you.’
Yeah, that’s bullsh*t.
The true you has some inappropriate thoughts,
laughs at the wrong jokes,
isn’t the slickest woman after a few drinks.
Showing the true you
will end
with that true you on the costly side
of a nasty lawsuit.

Discretion is now strength.
If you can keep your mouth shut,
you’ll thrive.
Only share what you want to go public.
If it involves another person,
only do what you want the world to see.

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