By k | August 25, 2014 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

I recently attended a workshop
with a panel of published writers.
All of them are or have been successful.
I figured I’d hear some solid advice.

And I did.
I also heard some advice
that was inappropriate for my specific situation.

When asked what they do for marketing,
almost everyone said “write the next book.”
They almost all agreed that social media was useless.
That all they have to do
is put their books on the shelf
and they will sell.

Which I guess they do
IF a writer gets their books
on a physical bookstore’s shelves.

If they don’t,
I advise setting aside
a couple hundred hours a month
for marketing.

When listening to advice,
first ask yourself if the advice pertains to your situation.

A digital first writer shouldn’t get marketing advice
from a print first writer.
A solo startup software company
shouldn’t get distribution advice
from a startup software company
partnered with Microsoft.

If your differences would change the outcome,
seek another mentor.

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