By k | August 24, 2014 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

My publisher suggested
I write a 12 novella serial.
I knew if the first novella didn’t sell well,
we’d have 11 more low selling novellas,
a year’s worth of duds.

My publisher had very little risk.
They shelled out money
for a stock art cover
and minimum editing,
set up the eBook only distribution
and waited.
For them, this experiment
has very little downside
and a very large upside.
They have little to lose
and are enthusiastic about it.

For me,
this experiment
has the very real possibility
of killing my brand,
of forcing me to take a new pen name.

I’m investing in marketing,
working my a$$ off to make this
a success.
My publisher isn’t.

When partnering with a larger entity,
remember that their definition of risk
is MUCH different from your definition.
Make the best decision for YOU
and don’t expect them
to be as concerned as you are
about the results.

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