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Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey
recently split,

reportedly over
an interview he did
in which he listed 5 famous women
he’s slept with.

Mariah Carey knows
her soon-to-be ex-husband
has slept with women.
That wasn’t his error.
His error was talking about these women.

Everyone likes to be the first choice,
preferably the only choice.

Employers like to believe
they are their employee’s first choice.
This is why playing job offers
against each other
is a dangerous move.

I write for multiple publishers
but both my publishers
and I
pretend I only write for them.
They pretend
I’m their most important writer.

A good saleswoman
will make a prospect believe
she’s the only person in the room.

A loved one met Bill Clinton
and he said Clinton made him feel
like the most important person
in the world.

Consider treating your customer,
your business partner,
your spouse
as though she or he
is your one and only.

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