By k | July 30, 2014 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

If I can’t sell a story
to readers,
I don’t submit it to publishers.

I might write the story.
Writing is both an art and a craft
and sometimes
giving the muse free reign
is a way to grow.

But I don’t send the story
to my publisher.
My publisher is running a business.
If I send them a story
they can’t sell,
I’m wasting everyone’s time.

As Seth Godin shares

“A great architect isn’t one
who draws good plans.
A great architect gets great buildings built.

Now, of course,
the same thing is true for
just about any professional.
A doctor has to persuade the patient
to live well and take the right actions.
A scientist must not only get funded
but she also has to persuade her public
that her work is well structured and useful.

It’s not enough that you’re right.
It matters if it gets built.”

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