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Names matter,
company names, product names,
even your name.
They determine
if you’re easily remembered,
sets the tone
for an interaction,
change expectations.

Chef In The City

(a must watch documentary
for any aspiring restaurateur),
Chef Matthew Basile

Fidel Gastro literally started off,
not as a joke,
but as an accident.
I used to be a copywriter so being a copywriter,
your job is to look at a product
and just write.
How do I feel?

For whatever reason,
I wrote Fidel Castro
on a piece of paper.
Then I turned the C into a G.

I knew that there was an instant love
I had for the name and
no other name could have rivaled it.
It would have been impossible
to come up with something better.

I find that because of
the sheer name of my company
I get remembered or recognized
that much faster.

If I had just named the company
Matt’s Sandwiches,
I don’t think it would have done
nearly as well.

And that just shows the power of branding,
the power of connectivity
to your audience.”

Put time and thought
into your company
and product names.

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