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I contacted
over 1,000 media outlets
and yes, some of these outlets
were very small.

I was tempted
to only contact the large media outlets
but I’m glad I didn’t.


Because I snagged more attention
and more sales with the smaller outlets.
A blogger with 1,000 daily readers
often has a close relationship with these readers.
She posts.
They buy.

A blogger with 10,000 daily readers
often doesn’t have this one-to-one relationship.
She posts.
A very small fraction of readers buy.

The smaller media outlets
also featured me prominently.
The post about my release
was often their only post for the day.
Some of them featured my release
for the entire week.

The larger media outlets
post twenty or more releases
on the same day.
Yes, one or two would feature
my release
and then sales went crazy
but, for most of them,
I received a handful of sales.

Don’t ignore the smaller media outlets.

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