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In this mass emailing world,
touch (one-to-one contact)
can be a competitive advantage
for up and coming companies.

I personally reached out
to over a thousand bloggers,
and Facebook page owners,
asking them to promote my new release.

I had an 78% success rate.
My assistant had 11% success rate
with the same message.
The media folks I contacted
were flattered
that a writer would reach out to them.
It didn’t matter
that they hadn’t heard of me.

YOU, as an entrepreneur,
a smaller business owner,
have the advantage with this tactic.

The CEO of a large company
is unlikely to contact media.
They have people for that.

YOU can.
You’re the CEO,
the founder,
the product developer,
and media will find it flattering
that you contacted them.

Success, for start ups
and smaller companies,
is often high touch.

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