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Customers make mistakes.
If we’re fortunate to have super fans,
they’re, ironically, more likely
to make mistakes
than any other group of customers.
They’re passionate and excited
about our products
and this emotion sometimes overrules
rational thinking.

I’ve been on MANY chats
where overly excited super fans
give the featured writer’s twist endings away.

Some newer writers become angry
and think that reader (customer) is
out to sabotage them.
This reaction causes two things to happen
- the reader associates the writer and her books (products)
with shame and embarrassment
some readers will (usually silently) side with
their fellow reader.

The writer,
with her harsh reaction,
not only loses the fan
as a customer
but also the readers supporting that fan.

More experienced writers,
on the other hand,
know mistakes happen.
They assume the reader has the best of intentions,
that her enthusiasm temporarily overloaded her thinking.
They might point out privately what she’s done
(I usually tell the reader I’ll tease her
until the end of time
about it)
but they brush it aside
and continue.

Your customers will make mistakes also.
Assume they have the best of intentions,
unless you learn otherwise.

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