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Seth Godin

“My advice to the Times
starts with this:
Every reporter
(and probably every editor)
ought to have a blog
(or be part of a focused group blog),
and post every single day.
That’s perhaps 600 blogs,
every single day,
each charged with finding
a group of people who care enough
about that voice and that topic
to hear about it daily.
If a reporter can’t write cogently
and passionately enough about his topic
to gain a following,
he probably needs to work somewhere else.”

I think this applies
to ALL business builders.
If you can’t write or talk
(blogs can be audio or video)
about your product every day,
you likely don’t have the passion
to be a success in your industry.

For aspiring entrepreneurs,
this is also a good test
about whether or not
you’re entering the right industry.

Blog (or vlog) every day.

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