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If I hand a prospective reader
a copy of my book,
there is a high likelihood
that she’ll buy it.

This is the puppy-dog close.
As Sydney Barrows

“A customer is in the pet store
with a child who is begging for a puppy.
Not at all sure this is such a great idea,
or perhaps not sure if
this particular puppy is the right fit,
the customer will not commit
to the purchase.
The savvy salesperson offers to let them
take the puppy home for a few days,
assuring the parent
that the puppy can be returned,
no questions asked,
and a refund cheerfully given
if they decide they don’t wish to keep it.

How could you say no
to such a reasonable offer,
especially with your child right there
with those expectant eyes?

Of course,
the child falls in love with the new pet,
and there’s no way
the parent can return the dog
to the store.
Sold: one puppy.
It’s that simple.”

Once a prospect holds the product,
she is likely to claim ownership.
To avoid loss,
she has to buy the product.

Ask your prospect to hold the product
while you’re explaining its features.

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