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I’ve been to conferences
(both online and live)
where every second of the day,
every speech,
every event was planned.
Speakers had to send copies of their talks
to the coordinator.
These conferences were usually good
but they weren’t magical.
The magic happened in the more casual dinners
or other events surrounding the conference.

[Richard Saul Wurman,
Founder of the TED conference]

his events stood out largely
because most of them were
unrehearsed, unplanned,
unedited and unscripted.
He recorded every talk
that speakers gave
at each of the TED conferences,
and what you see on videotape
is exactly how it happened live.
That, according to Wurman,
was the real magic behind TED.”

Magic doesn’t come from perfection.
Don’t plan the life out of your events.

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