By k | May 26, 2014 - 6:00 am - Posted in Marketing

I was chatting via Facebook comments
with a couple of writers.
Another writer joined the discussion.
I hadn’t yet Friended her
so I sent her a request.

She private messaged me
and it was clear she didn’t know
I was another writer
or anything about me.

When I replied that we wrote
for the same publisher,
she was embarrassed.
(I didn’t mention that
I hosted her on my blog
and we’d had dozens of discussions
- grins)

I teased her about it
and we laughed
but she SHOULD be embarrassed.

In this age of information,
there is no excuse
for not knowing who people are.
(once we have their names)

A simple Google search
or, in this case,
a click on my profile
tells us enough information
to prevent us from looking like dumb a$$es.

If you don’t know who someone is,
before you ask THEM who they are.

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