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I grew up in small towns.
Working as a teenager
in the local McDonald’s wasn’t an option
because there wasn’t a local McDonald’s.
We had to create our own jobs.

And we DID.
We were always busy,
always selling something,
always looking for opportunities.

And this was one of the best things
to ever happen to me.
I don’t ever worry about ‘finding a job’
because I know I can create one.

In the May/June
The Costco Connection,
Wayne Fromm,
and founder of
Fromm Works,

“I’ve always created businesses
for myself–
I’ve never worked for a company
or anybody
a day in my life.”

“My interests and my passion
became my business.
I didn’t go around saying,
‘How can I make money?’
I went around saying,
‘What would I like to see
or what would [daughter] Sage
like to play with as a child?’
and that was the way I did things.
I always put Sage first.”

Create the job you want
and the business you want to work for.

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