By k | April 28, 2014 - 6:00 am - Posted in Marketing

Chevrolet Cruze has a new commercial
about fuel economy.

A man walks into the gas station.
Everyone cheers and calls him by name.
They’re happy, accepting, almost loving.
Then a Cruze driver walks in.
The gas station goes quiet.
No one knows him.
No one greets him.
They’re slightly suspicious
of this stranger.

It is a cute commercial
the fuel economy message
you take emotion
and basic human need
out of the evaluation.

But Chevrolet is advertising
to humans,
not completely rational robots.

The sense of belonging,
of being cared for,
is something we pay extra for
every dang day.
It’s the reason
my street team members
volunteer their time
to promote my stories.
It’s the reason we belong to clubs
and wear brand name clothes
and eat at the hottest restaurants.

We truly DO want
everyone to know our names.
Don’t discount the need to belong.

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