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I’m currently writing a 12 novella serial
for a large New York publisher.
When I was first approached
about this project,
I had serious concerns.
I’ve never written a 12 novella serial,
have never crafted such a huge story
(1,200 pages),
have never written a story
with a similar premise.

I wasn’t qualified
but I knew if I didn’t take this project,
I’d regret it for the rest of my life.
I bet on myself,
on my ability to craft this story.
(half way through the story,
this bet seems to be paying off)

Former Ogilvy & Mather CEO
Charlotte Beers

“I want us to bet on ourselves
even though there is something still missing
and we’re aware of it.
There is a McKinsey study
that says if a job is offered
and a man has two out of the 10 characteristics,
he will raise his hand.
A woman won’t raise her hand
until she has eight out of the 10.”

You’ll never be perfectly qualified
for the opportunity you want.
Bet on yourself.

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