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Some of my writing buddies are in a rush
to hit the bestseller lists.
They’re doing this by putting together
box sets of original stories
written by dozens of writers,
priced at a ridiculous 99 cents.

Some of them have been successful.
They made no money
but they hit the lists.

And now they’re facing lawsuits.
Readers, aspiring writers,
anyone seeing a quick route to money,
are suing them,
thinking they have a fortune to share.

Dennis J. Ceru,
an adjunct entrepreneurship professor
at Babson College,

“Pray that you become wildly successful,
and set aside some money
for a lawsuit and a settlement,
because it’s going to happen.”

Once you become famous,
you’ll get sued.
This is the environment we’re living in.

So either delay becoming famous
(you CAN be successful
without being famous)
or figure out
how to make money from that fame
so you can pay for lawyers.

Fame comes with lawsuits.

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