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(aka the romance novel industry)
has become super volatile.
There’s a crazy price war,
battles over formats, lengths, trends.

Writers are trying a zillion different things,
hoping that something
will be the next big thing.

I’m tempted,
truly tempted to join the madness
but I have a plan
and in order to make
that plan a reality,
I have to focus.

Focus is one technique
Alexandra Levit
recommends to deal with volatility.

“Before embarking on a new project,
ideally, you’ll work hard
to reach a general consensus
about the best course of action
your company should take and
you’ll have effectively addressed
and neutralized any naysayers.
Once you’re out of the gate,
nothing short of an unanticipated disaster
should stop the train from changing course.
Realize that every time
you backtrack and change direction,
it costs your company money
and frustrates employees to no end.
Get the necessary input upfront,
and then focus on moving forward
with minimal delays.”

If your plan is still viable,
stick with it.

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