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Yesterday, we talked about
sharing a great tip in press releases.
I received the emails I thought I would.
Someone always asks
“But I want it to be a surprise.”

No…just, no.
In Romance,
we call this being a ’secret keeper’
and it irritates the hell out of our readers.

Romance is the best selling genre
and we write the ending
on the spine of the book,
in the back cover copy,
display it on the cover.
The couple (or more) will fall in love
and have a happy ending.

I’m writing a multi-novella serial
in which the heroine has to choose
between two men.
I make it clear on the first page
who she will choose.

Romance readers (prospects) don’t want secrets.
They want to know
so they can invest in the characters (the product).
They want to feel smart.
They want to have all of the information.

Don’t be a secret keeper.
It will irritate
the hell out of your prospects also.

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