By k | January 24, 2014 - 6:00 am - Posted in New Business Development

Despite what the emails
buying a franchise
is NOT like buying a job.
It is not a safe and secure revenue stream.
It doesn’t have regular hours.

Franchisees are building businesses.
When you invest in a franchise,
it is very similar to buying a business.
There are great franchises to invest in
and there are terrible franchises to invest in.

You will lose your investment
if you choose incorrectly.
You will also work very, very hard.
You should have access
to the franchisor’s advise
but they won’t do the work for you.

(BTW… I worked in the head office
of one VERY large, international franchisor.
The myth about franchisees not going bankrupt
existed because the franchisor would buy them out
at a loss, right before that happened.
The person going bankrupt
would then officially not be a franchisee.)

If you’ve never had an inclination
to go into business for yourself,
do NOT consider a franchise.

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