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One of the myths
about creative people
is they have to be alone to creative.
Writers are depicted
pounding on typewriters
in lonely attics,
needing their solitude.

That’s bullshit.

including artists,
get creatively stuck.
So often
that if I don’t hear
from my four closest writing buddies
in a day,
I email them and ask them
if they’re writing.
They usually aren’t.

You’ll get stuck too.
And the best way to get unstuck
is to bounce ideas off
someone else.

Richard Sheridan,
Menlo Innovations,

“Creatively, we just innovate better
when there’s someone to bounce ideas off of.
When we’re trying to create
something new and interesting,
we often get stuck
and stay stuck much longer
than we need to.
At Menlo, if I’m pairing with someone
and I’m stuck,
my pair partner might say,
“Hey, what about this?”
and voila! we’re moving forward again.”"

If you’re stuck creatively,
ask for ideas.

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