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Tonight, many of us
will be attending
New Year parties.

You could indulge
in the usual talk
about the weather, jobs,
or you could ask guests
about their New Year resolutions
and help them
achieve their dreams.

There has been a lot of debate
about whether or not
talking about goals
helps us to meet them.

One thing that is not debatable
is the value
of SETTING goals.

When you ask someone
about their goals
(in this case, resolutions),
you’re suggesting they should HAVE goals.
The majority of people
DON’T have goals.

Goalmaker shares

“Harvard Business School researchers
have taken a vital interest in
what makes the difference
in success or failure
for people of similar backgrounds
and educational standards.
Their studies find that
3% of people are successful,
30% are moderately successful
and 67% just exist.
The significant difference
for the 3% who are successful is
that they have written down, specific goals.
The 30% who are moderately successful
have a general idea of where they are going
but don’t have any goals formalised.
The rest are happy
to watch the world go by.”

Change the world tonight
and ask someone about her resolutions.

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