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Yes, we should be setting
goals for our businesses
for 2014
but we should also be setting
personal goals,
goals to make us
more successful entrepreneurs.

I always have a continuous learning goal.
I plan to take courses
or read business books
or learn new skills.

I usually have a delegation goal also.
Every year, my business
becomes more successful.
Every year, in order to grow,
I have to delegate more non-core tasks.
I don’t want to be the bottleneck
for my own success.

Jordan Fried
has five other great resolutions
for entrepreneurs

My favorite is to stop complaining.
As he shares

“All too often I hear
wannabe entrepreneurs
complain about something.
“If only I had a cofounder who could write code,
then I’d be successful” or
“if only we had some more capital,
then we could make millions.”

Entrepreneurs are problem solvers
– not complainers.
If you can’t write code
either learn to write code,
pay a developer,
or find another creative solution.
As an entrepreneur
your job is to find solutions.”

Remember to set personal goals
for yourself
as a business builder.

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