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A Clientk reader asked me
about street teams
and how they work.

I don’t know how
they work for everyone.
Everyone has different goals.
I’ll share how my street team works.

A street team is a group of superfans.
These superfans have volunteered
to help the writer/founder/company promote
and, in return,
there is some sort of reward.

I assign my street team members
weekly missions.
The mission could be to Retweet a tweet
or share a Facebook post,
normally about my books.
Once a month, there will be a reward mission.
Everyone completing this mission
receives (usually) my latest story.

You’d think the free book
would be the main incentive
to complete missions.

It isn’t.
Sure, members love receiving the book
straight from the author with a thank you.
They feel they belong and are appreciated.

But members become most excited about
the sharing of insider information and the firsts.
They are the first readers to see my covers,
read my blurbs, hear about the stories coming soon.

Although I started my street team
as a means to easily thank readers
who promote for me,
it has become
my most effective promo vehicle.

Consider starting a street team.

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