By k | November 26, 2013 - 6:00 am - Posted in Marketing

When I had 2 members
in my promotional street team,
I crafted all of the promotion,
assigned all of the weekly missions.

Now that I have 26 members
in my street team,
members have started
crafting promotion,
suggesting weekly missions.

Once I have 260 members
in my street team,
I suspect reader-created promotion
will exceed my promotion.

This is what you,
as a business founder, want.
This is how businesses and brands grow.

Sometimes superfans will organize themselves.
More often, however,
you’ll have to organize them,
giving them a place where they can meet
(I have a closed Facebook group)
and starting them off
with suggestions on which promotions work.
This can be a lot of extra work,
especially during an already busy ramp up,
but it is an investment in your future.

Create an environment
in which your super fans
are encouraged to promote for you.

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