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As a writer,
I hear about at least
one new opportunity a day.
I’m lucky.
Because I receive so many offers,
I HAVE to say no
to opportunities.

David Niu,
founder of TINYhr,

“At TINYpulse, we grew
from 0 to 300 paying customers
in 10 months.
How’d we grow that fast?
By saying “no” to
clients, prospects and partners.

Saying no helped us
to stay focused and true
to our vision as a small company,
especially one just starting out.

My general outlook is:

If I never say no,
then I’m not focused enough.

If I always say no,
then I’m not customer focused enough.

There’s definitely a fine balance,
but my rule of thumb is
to say no to requests
about 20 percent of the time.”

Learning to say no
to opportunities not right for us
is part of success.

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