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I have friended many editors (prospects)
on Facebook.
Reading one random update from an editor
is often useless.
Reading a year’s worth of updates,
shows me her story tastes,
the little things that irk her
and that make her happy.
It is easier to sell to an editor
I ‘know.’

Clive Thompson,
author of
Smarter Than You Think,
in the November/December CMA Magazine

“One of the paradoxes about Facebook
is that people’s individual posts and updates
can be quite meaningless.
Think of the proverbial
“Just had lunch at the mall.”
Over time, the individual utterances
begin to coalesce
into a rich tapestry of information
- what psychologists call “ambient awareness.”
After a month you have a short story,
and after a year you have a novel.
When I follow my friends’ Facebook lives
over time,
I’m left with a deep sense
of how they think
and what they value.”

Consider friending your top prospects.
Learn their likes and dislikes.

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