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If you’re partnering
with another brand
for promo,
you should like this other brand
or, at the very least,
not hate it.

I can’t believe I have to write this post
but since the same thing
has happened to me
four times this month,
it seems it is warranted.

Here’s what happens…

A writer approaches me,
usually a newer writer.
She sees my readership
and she asks if we can team up
for promo.

As many writers have helped me,
I usually say yes.
She posts about her book.
I’ll reply how it looks interesting
and ask her questions,
starting a conversation.
Notice how I don’t say
if I like or dislike her books.
Usually I haven’t read them.

Then I’ll post about my book.
She’ll reply saying
she doesn’t read in my genre,
listing all of the reasons
why she doesn’t like this genre.

She believes she’s being ‘honest.’
What she is really doing
is insulting me
(for making the choices I did)
and suppressing my sales.

That is the end of the partnership.

Please respect
your promo partners.
There are ways to be honest
and still remain respectful.

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