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I was offered the opportunity
to participate in a high profile anthology.
Another participating writer
had gotten ill
and a slot opened up.
The editor needed to know immediately
whether or not
I’d participate.

Writing this story
would bump other stories back.
This anthology,
while a great promo opp,
wouldn’t earn much money.
I had to make this decision quickly.

Rohit Bhargava
(about Peyton Manning)

“Quick decisions pay off.
Manning rarely gets sacked
and keeps the ball
for only a few seconds
before throwing it.
As a result,
it’s almost impossible for a defense
to react fast enough
to stop his quick throws.
Making decisions quickly
is one of the most valuable things
that any business owner can do,
because it puts you in a situation
to move more quickly
than competitors.
For Manning,
quick decisions pay off
in keeping a defense off balance
and unable to react to his attack.”

The ability to make decisions quickly
is a skill set
all entrepreneurs should develop.

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