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One of the many things
I’ve learned
from the publishing business
is to never use
a character’s name
in a title.
Titles (aka product names)
have to mean something
to the reader (prospect).
A familiar name doesn’t mean anything.

The Sins Of Madeline Baker,
as a title,
is weak.
Unless your name is Madeline Baker,
this part of the title
has no emotional connection.

The Sins Of a Wanton Woman
is stronger.
Every reader knows
what a wanton woman is.

Mike Periu

“Many times,
small-business owners assume
that consumers will view their product
the same way they do,
but that isn’t always the case.
In the case of ECO-ME,
the company decided to name
their cleaning products
after people they knew.
But most consumers
won’t clean their floors
with something called “Ted”
—it’s just too odd of a name
and wasn’t clicking with customers.”

Avoid naming products
after people.

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