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I grew up dirt poor.
The house my family lived in
didn’t have running water.
We didn’t eat every day.
(yes, people live like this
in North America,
likely in your State or Province)

It made me fearless.
We had nothing and I survived.
I know if I lost everything material tomorrow,
I would also survive.
I don’t have a fear of being poor.
However, I have a great incentive
to ensure I never am poor again.

Terrence J

“I had it tough growing up.
I was born into welfare
and I never met my biological father.
And I talk about all of those things in the book.

But for me,
I think sometimes
when you get the short end of the stick
in the beginning,
it gives you that fuel to never give up
as an adult.

I just always tell young people,
especially when they’re going through
something hard,
to not let it become a hindrance
or an excuse,
but to let it be your motivation,
let it be your fuel to go out there
and take over the world.”

When you have nothing to lose,
you can take bigger risks.
Being born into poverty
is no excuse for not being successful.

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