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You’ve spent years
carefully building a reputation in your field.
Happy customers tell you
“You should write a book.”

So should you?

Unless you’re a professional writer,
I highly advise against
writing a book on your own.

Kevin Ross Emery

“A bad book can do more damage
than an okay book can do you good.
Once out in print,
you have to defend what you said
and the way you chose to say it.”

My editor told me
that my hero was an asshole.
I change eleven words, ELEVEN,
in a forty-five thousand word manuscript
and now she loves my hero.
This is how important
using the right words is.

Most experts and celebrities
(including New York Times bestselling author
James Patterson)
hire professional writers
to write their books for them.
It’s surprisingly inexpensive
and frees the experts’ time to do
what they are experts in.

Consider hiring a professional writer.

(I’m not available.
I have more romance novels to write
than I have writing years remaining.)

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