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On Friday,
I worked from 8 am to 3 am
with very few breaks.
I had a deadline.
I was in the zone.
I needed to get things done.

Julia Hartz,
co-founder of Eventbrite,

“Workdays stretched on
for 18 hours
in the beginning.
I ran customer support
and the marketing department
for the first several years,
along with finance,
which was simple
because we weren’t making
a lot of money [laughing].

I would talk to early adopters
and host meetups.
I would get their feedback
and distill it for Kevin,
who would sketch out
a product or feature
and then build it.
We worked like that
for the first three years or so.”

18 hour plus days
is one of the many things
distinguishing a business from a hobby.

During your start up,
expect to work long hours.

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