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I always set my own deadlines.
Yes, I’ll agree upon deadlines
with my publishers
but these are deadlines
with buffers built into them.
These are deadlines
I know I can make.

Privately, I also set
stretch deadlines,
deadlines I have to push myself
to achieve.


Because as
Jeff Haden

“Deadlines and time frames
establish parameters,
but typically not in a good way.
The average person who is given
two weeks to complete a task
will instinctively adjust his effort
so it actually takes two weeks.

Forget deadlines,
at least as a way to manage your activity.
Tasks should only take as long
as they need to take.
Do everything as quickly
and effectively as you can.
Then use your “free” time
to get other things done
just as quickly and effectively.

Average people allow time
to impose its will on them;
remarkable people impose their will
on their time.”

Push yourself
to complete work
before it is expected.
You’re not average.
Don’t meet the average person’s deadlines.

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