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I credit most of my success
in life
to working harder than other people.
I don’t work flat out
all of the time.
I simply do a little extra work
every single day
and this extra work adds up.

Jeff Haden

“Everyone says they go the extra mile.
Almost no one actually does.
Most people who go there think,
“Wait… no one else is here…
why am I doing this?”
and leave, never to return.

That’s why the extra mile
is such a lonely place.

That’s also why the extra mile
is a place filled with opportunities.

Be early. Stay late.
Make the extra phone call.
Send the extra email.
Do the extra research.
Help a customer unload
or unpack a shipment.
Don’t wait to be asked; offer.
Don’t just tell employees what to do
–show them what to do
and work beside them.

Every time you do something,
think of one extra thing you can do
–especially if other people
aren’t doing that one thing.
Sure, it’s hard.

But that’s what will
make you different.

And over time, that’s what
will make you incredibly successful.”

Do a little bit extra
and every day.

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