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Recently, I was given an opportunity.
The publisher needed a novella
for an anthology
and they needed this novella in a week.
I told a loved one
that I pushed back,
asking for three weeks.
He replied “It wasn’t that good of an opp then.”
When I asked how he knew that,
he explained that
if I really wanted the opp,
I would have written the novella in a week.

He’s right.
I would have met their crazy deadline.

This is how I feel
when would-be entrepreneurs say
their ideas are too risky.

Christiane Lemieux,
founder of

“If you can’t take the risk,
it is probably not the right thing for you.
Some days it will be great
and some days it will suck.
The highs are high
and the lows are low
and there is nothing in between.
It just is.”

If you truly wanted the opportunity,
you’d move mountains
to make it happen.

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