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The average person
wants to be right.
If we have an opinion,
a product to sell,
a blog post to write,
we look for support.
We don’t usually look for opposition.

The thing is…
the opposition is there
and the person you’re pitching
or writing to
might have opposing views.
Not preparing for this push back,
these questions is foolish.

Stephanie Scotti

“The bottom line is,
if you haven’t encountered
the opposition in your topic,
you haven’t looked hard enough.
The Heath brothers suggest
that you start by sharing your thoughts.
Actively seek out those
who may disagree with you.
Talk, read and listen
for opposing views
rather than creating them artificially.
Be open to them,
recognizing that the momentary discomfort
of being challenged
creates the opportunity for greater confidence
because you will know
what common ground you share
with your listeners and
where the land mines are buried.

Above all,
you will come to the conversation
with a more complete and deeper understanding
of the topic that will resonate
with your listeners
and conclude with a resounding call to action.”

Actively look for opposition
to your idea.

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