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I keep a 10 cent notebook
filled with story ideas.

Whenever I get a story idea,
I write it down right away
on the closest piece of paper
I can grab.
If I don’t write it down right away,
I forget the idea.

I then transfer these ideas
into a central book.

I can’t write as quickly
as I think of ideas.
Flipping through this notebook
always inspires me.

Dylan Lauren
of Dylan’s Candy Bar

keeps a notebook of ideas also.

She advises
“Try to stay inspired.
Get a notebook or a file folder,
like I did,
and keep photos of things
that inspire you.
Do a lot of research on your concept
and take notes like a student.
I believe that
everything is possible
as long as you follow your gut.”

Consider keeping a notebook
with all of your ideas
and anything that inspires you.

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