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I recently took a cruise.
The retired folks on the cruise
looked at the younger folks
(myself included)
and saw how we’d relax at sea days
and then work like demons
whenever we docked.
They were dismayed
thought we should talk to our managers.

They didn’t understand
that this is the new workplace.
We can work from anywhere
but we’re always working
(unless there’s a connection issue
as there is with sea days).
There’s no separation of business
and personal life.

Which means we had better damn well
love our businesses.
(fortunately, I do).

As Barry Moltz

“In the world of
the Internet-enabled smartphone,
it is nearly impossible
to separate these two worlds.
Better advice:
Merge your business and personal aspects
into one happy life.
But establish business free zones
(like the gym, dinner table, bedroom
or vacation)
so you are able to recharge.”

Figure out how to merge
your business and personal lives.

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