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One of my buddies
is on a tight writing deadline.
She is also on a diet.
And she’s trying
to cut expenses.
All at the same time.

On paper,
this looks doable.
She’s writing more.
This should mean
she has less time to eat.
And eating less should
decrease her food budget.

The reality is…
she can only do one of these things
(which is the writing deadline).
This takes all of the willpower she has.

As Kelly McGonigal,
author of
The Willpower Instinct

“Trying to control your temper,
stick to a budget
or refuse seconds
all tap into the same source of strength.

And because every act of willpower
depletes willpower,
using self control can lead to
losing self-control …
if you do turn down that tempting tiramisu,
you may find it more difficult
to focus
when you’re back at your desk.”"

Use your self-control
for your most important task.

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