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One thing that is common
with great leaders
is their ability to be truly present.

A loved one met Bill Clinton.
This loved one isn’t anyone super important
but the former President
made him feel as though
he was the most important person in the room.
He gave my loved one 100% of his attention.
He didn’t look at his phone.
He didn’t scan the room
for more interesting people to talk to.
He was totally focused on
the person he was talking to.

Terry Starbucker shares

“Being Truly “Present”
This was always a hard one;
there are SO many distractions
that can pull you away
from what is happening right in front of you.
The best example in this digital age
is the ability to keep away
from the smartphone
and/or computer
during a conversation or a meeting.
That was one of my big pet peeves
when I was in the board and meeting rooms,
and it still is today.”

Be present.
When you’re attending a meeting,
ATTEND the meeting

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